Monday, October 12, 2015

Palestinians Say Wounding Afula Female Terrorist is 'Murder' - Follow-up

On October 9, Assara Zidan, a single mom who studies at a local college and is separated from her husband, entered the Central Bus Station of Afula, a major town in Israel's Jezreel Valley region, and near one of the bus platforms, screamed and drew a knife on a soldier. Security personnel shot her in the legs to bring her down when she refused to drop her knife.
After the video was uploaded to the Internet, the pro-Palestinian talkbackers 'interpreted' the video as showing the lady holding her hands up trying to surrender, and the cruel Israelis shooting her.
Well, sorry dear talkbackers, even the Israeli Palestinian leadership doesn't buy the 'holding up her hands, trying to surrender' business (see below).
The Palestinian leadership, however, does indeed claim that it was a 'cold-blooded shooting' with intent to 'murder' (see my earlier post).
On October 11, journalist Attila Somfalvi interviewed Dr Basel Ghattas a member of Balad party and currently serving as a member of the Israeli Knesset for the Arab Joint List alliance.
Consider the following exchange (edited because of shouting and simultaneous overtalk). You can listen to the original here):
Dr Basel Ghattas: Whoever shoots with intent to kill ... police officers shot a young woman in Afula, even if she has a knife in her hand ... shot to kill ...
Attila Somfalvi: They shot her in her feet. She held a knife in her hand and tried to stab a soldier.
Dr. Basel Ghattas: For this you have to kill her.
Attila Somfalvi: She was not killed. She is being treated in a hospital.
Masud Ghnaim and Ahmed Tibi are also part of this chorus, as are others.

And so the lies are propagated, morphing relentlessly into a Palestinian 'narrative' that bears little resemblance to what actually happened and magnifying a distorted bogeyman of Israel and Jews as an object of hatred and rage.

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